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Reviews for Marti’s Writings

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Marti Matthews writes straight from my soul. I endorse her book 100%.


Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

Author of On Death & Dying

A challenge and an inspiration to anyone who has felt pain – and that’s most of us. Whether the pain is physical or spiritual, this wise book will help us to understand and to grow.


Madeleine L’Engle

Author of A Wrinkle in Time

I have read your book “Pain: The Challenge and the Gift” and I am prompted to truly praise you for such rare heart rendering revelation.  Your book is a Journey of Recovery.  I feel privileged to read your wholesome message.

Anne Marie Caval

Huskisson, Austrlia

The beautiful spirit of this author shines through in meditations and real life events. She lives fully and thinks deeply in spite of obstacles that rise up to block her way. I found the book inspiring and entertaining.


Dr. Natalie Jones Kreutzer

Author of I Came as a Child: Zimbabwe 1992-1996

For those who are ready to heal their lives. This book helps us find our true path through God’s redirections, and thus out of the pain comes a gift.


Dr. Bernie Siegel

Author of Love, Medicine & Miracles

But your book is alive! It’s like a blood infusion, life-giving. It’s amazing. Since reading your book I’m waking up like a plant in spring as I read it. God put on you the energy to help others.


Graciella Hernandez

Inspirational Creatress

A sensitive mix of poetry, prose, and confession. Marti Matthews seeks blessing in the paradox of grace. She knows that gift is always hidden in tragedy, and her words give hope to those who despair in the midst of life. A book for those who want to give up.


Dr. Stephen Schmidt

Author of Living with Chronic Illness
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About Marti Matthews

I write for both children and adults. 

My love of nature and joie de vivre are large parts of my inheritance and weave in and out of all I write. Finding the gift in the difficult is an ongoing theme for me. Learning how to live in a healthy satisfying way is my passion, and the desire of my heart is to share what I’ve learned with others.

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