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Mental Magic

Putting thoughts down on paper; putting thoughts down. When my mind seems obsessed, cannot stop talking to someone via my head, or working something out, if I write down on paper what’s circling in my brain – voila! I can walk away from it! I know the thoughts are there if and when I should…

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It feels just a few short years since shyly we began to hug. And now – we must back off! We stand 6 feet apart and long to touch the bare skin of another human being. To take and shake a hand today Could bring me tears. Now To hear the phone ring – a…

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Someday I’ll read all these 280 books on my shelves. And then, after that,  Someday I’ll mark every photograph in those five bank boxes, plus the one in the garage, with dates and identities for the sake of the grandkids. I’m going to one-of-these-days develop a whole chronology of my life because I can’t remember…

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The End

THE END                Jan. 26, 2020 #1 Struck!  In the mountains of New Mexico. Flown home in  small swift jet. He’s in special care now, special place. Each dawn I fight the traffic, spend each day speaking for the silent one, reading eyes, guarding care of him who’s struck. Exhausted I fight to…

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summer poem

Covert Township Park, MI Do I belong on Riff Raff Row in that last campsite near the dune? I ask my Mom and she says “No. A lady, now, should stay at home.” I ask my Dad and he’s not sure, though he’s been riff raff all along. He doesn’t see me in that way.…

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Looking at Things Differently


It feels just a few short years since shyly we began to hug. And now – we must back off! We stand 6 feet apart and long to touch the bare skin of another human being. To take and shake a hand today Could bring me tears. Now To hear the phone ring – a…

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Tom at Disney

[A travel journal entry from the college years of my son, Tom Dix, who returned to spirit 6 years ago today.  Today = Sept 17, 2015.  For those who knew him:  doesn’t this just sound like Tom?  Can’t you see him out there tromping in the rain, smiling and having fun? ] Tom wrote:   …

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Growing in Power

Christmas December 2020

“Do the work of a spider, strengthening the web of relationships around us, and throwing out threads to enlarge it and pull ever more people in.”                               -Pamela Haines, in Befriending Creation, fall 2020 What could be more of the essence of this holiday season at its best than strengthening bonds of love and light in our world?  And…

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The Light Bulb is ON

    “You can’t take it with you”; we’ve heard this many times. These words are so old they fly past with little power,  just a small shove to sort and toss a little more and try again to get organized.      At age 72, I suddenly realize – THESE WORDS ARE TRUE!    I’m…

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Exploring New Territory

My Life With Children

I grew up in western Michigan, where fun is the way of life for all. Summer camps, swimming, canoeing down the Pere Marquette River, climbing sand dunes and jumping in the waves of Lake Michigan, picnics all through the Manistee National Forest, hay rides in the fall and horseback riding across fields, ice skating on…

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??Why did I come for a week of French Immersion??

Number# 3:   Because I was being pulled here by The Great Unknown,                           And I said Yes.Number# 1: to stretch.                      to open.                      to allow spring inside me.                       to get pushed.  to be with a best-friend for a whole week  and another best-friend for two days.  to be with adventurous and open-hearted sleep beside a…

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Saving the Bobcat

      I did a brave and interesting thing this morning:  I got myself up and out and drove to a place I’ve never been for a 10:00 am Indiana Department of Natural Resources Commission Meeting to speak up for saving the bobcat from open hunting.   I had almost no idea of what I was getting…

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Today and Another Day

     Today the weather is zero degrees outside, and two inches of new bright snow are keeping most folks at home.  The day is sunny and still.  I carefully drove the five blocks to my beauty shop, inside the Jewish old folks’ home.  Here I sit under the hairdryer, watching the slow parade of…

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Love of the Earth

May Day

   I think of my Mother on May Day.  May 1st is celebrated  in a variety of ways that I know of:  the common worker is honored in communist countries; pagan traditions celebrate Beltane, the time for mating; and spring is celebrated in northern countries.  My Mom grew up with some tradition that she seemed…

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A Day in old Japan

                                         A Day in old Japan      Here in the Anderson Gardens, in the middle of run-down central Rockford Illinois, we seem to have time-and-space traveled into a completely different culture.  We’re back in the Shinto origins of Japan, to those times when Nature was worshiped.  Centuries must have passed for the Japanese…

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Poems for Real Spring

POEMS FOR REAL SPRING,   from the “I Would Like to Be” series     Spring Beauty, most delicate of all spring flowers, early to appear, how lovely to be her! Small and sweet and dear, my white five-petalled face with pink mint stripes will smile up like a shy girl-child at the awesome world around.…

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“Early Spring”

  The “I Would Like to Be” Read-Aloud Poems  four of twenty poems   “Early Spring”                       The Frog   It would do me good to be a frog   sitting still   and still   and still.   Waiting,   trusting,   that Life will bring by a fly   or a mosquito,   that…

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Salty Snippets

Salty Snippets

Taking a Break from Life:  Meditation versus Dissociation

    Recently on Facebook,afriend posed an interesting question:  What is the difference between meditation and dissociation?  I find this intriguing.  Here in a nutshell is my answer:  The difference is “Presence.”  First, what is meant by these two words: meditation and dissociation? Re:  “dissociation”,   the dictionary describesitas “disunion,” and then “In psychiatry: the splitting off…

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Getting Un-Stuck

Salty Snippet November 2023   “Getting Un-Blocked”      Sometimes we feel we can’t move forward, like a brick wall is in front of us.  Writers and artists often feel this, but even daily life projects can bring us to a standstill.  Actually,  if we stay in this state, the standstill becomes down-hill, our spirit gets discouraged,…

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A Welcome Doormat

August 2023      I picked up the old popsicle stick on my desk and it began to speak to me: “Don’t forget this large learning,” the stick said. “You still haven’t quite got it!”    A memory came alive: a weekend workshop connected with trying to save my 15-year-old stepdaughter who had gotten caught in…

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