Poems for Real Spring

POEMS FOR REAL SPRING,   from the “I Would Like to Be” series
    Spring Beauty,
most delicate of all spring flowers,
early to appear,
how lovely to be her!
Small and sweet and dear,
my white five-petalled face with pink mint stripes
will smile up like a shy girl-child
at the awesome world around.
Simple, friendly,
I will open to the sun.
My thin stem will dance with the smallest breeze.
Never alone, I’ll live in a world of gentle friends
like me,
all of us playing
in the sweet spring sun and wind and rain.
O beauty protected,
O tenderness extreme,
I will speak to all the world
of the great sensitivity
of The Source of All Life.
       White Anemone
I would love to be a white Anemone,
Daughter of the Wind.
Thin and graceful, dancing open,
never shy.
Taller than my little sisters,
leaves much greener, fuller,
bigger face,
my sunny yellow center begging to be pollinated:
“I am ready,
I am beautiful!
O come to me now, Life,”
I’ll say with guileless joy.
Free maiden of the forest,
I want to be seen,
not hidden.
I know my beauty,
O tell me how beautiful I am!
Notice me,
my white loveliness up from the rich green floor.
Notice my readiness,
my aliveness.
Love me now in the springtime of my life.
Daring raider from the sky,
I’d really like to be a fly.
I’d affirm the worth of all decay –
feces, refuse, garbage.
Rebel, pest,
I’d freely choose,
what others hate.
I’d rescue rot,
deconstructing rigid forms,
forcing change.
But here’s the rub:
the pristine, pure,
build fears and walls against invasion
of their sheltered world.
I will risk my life
to keep the world fecund.
Decay must come – the breaking down
of all that’s done and useless:
I’d aid decay
to keep new life agrowing.
I’ll even carry death when needed.
the change that all of earth accepts
but humans
who close their eyes to their return.
I’ll keep the great wheel moving…
I, the fly, will live a daring life.
Champion of the rejected,
Force for change,
I, the Hero,
Such fun to be a little skunk!
Wherever I’d meander
all would let me pass.
Though small and shy and quiet,
what power I’d have!
It’s fun to see how silly people handle fear.
I’d give them all a chance to practice calm:
control in their panic,
attitude of care.
Friendly in my spirit,
I’d sense the open heart
through eyes and nose,
then pause and greet each neighbor,
passing on.
Curious and careful
I’d wander here and there
through woods and towns,
knowing I’m respected,
and safe,
in clever self-defense.
Perhaps I’d learn to be more free
as a brilliant Trillium.
Tallest flower of spring,
beautiful in balance,
unafraid to be
who I am.
Bold among the delicate,
I would not hide my light.
I’d hold my three white petals
above my three green leaves –
centered, rooted, unafraid,
shining bright above the dusky forest floor,
a lighthouse to the world.
I’d say
Stay poised,
while reaching up and out.
Integrity, Yes! There’s joy in honesty.
Be simple! Brilliant, shining clear.
True beauty shines from inside out.”
I would not know humility
or pride.
I’d simply be
exactly as I am.
A bold and quiet Quaker
I would speak my truth
with respect for self and others.
I would love to be a Trillium –
peaceful with myself,