More Testimonials

Sister Pat Schlosser, OSF, Prison Chaplain.

My experience of using (your book on PAIN) at Cook County Jail in the past was such a positive one that I’m very eager to also do so with the women in the State and Federal Prisons.  I’m especially grateful for your donation of books because we would not have been able to afford a book of this caliber.  I plan to use them in my groups and classes, and perhaps donate some to the prison library so they will be available to many. 4/2/09 /  

I also wanted to share that besides the two prisons, I gave Grace House (a transitional residence for women coming out of prison, and where I am on the Board) your book also.  Recently at a board meeting the program director said publicly at the meeting that the women just love the book, and they are doing it as a group. 6/22/09       

Marti, Have your ears been burning???  I just finished using your book, PAIN, with a group of women at the Fed prison in the loop.  They loved it!  Actually that has always been the response.  We spent 6 weeks and they journaled, etc.  Thank you again for this amazing piece of work. 7/8/2011

I will be especially thinking of you as I begin discussing your book with the women at the Fed prison in the loop.  The Chaplain is going to gather a small group of men to do the same.  2/17/14 

Jim Helsel, Clinical Social Worker, Total Life Counseling 

Specializing in children and adults with life-threatening illnesses, along with their families.  Advisory Center for Teens, Grand Rapids, Michigan

  I use your book now in almost all my presentations with groups, at colleges, and in family counseling.  I especially read the parts on death being safe – it really hits the exact spot these people need to come to.  It helps dying people and their families relax and not be afraid of what’s happening.

 I’m captured by this book.  My copy is so marked up I can’t loan it out anymore.  I’ve got a whole list of different topics written in the back so I know what page to turn to for people in different types of pain.  Anybody who’s had to face any traumatic experience will be helped by your book.

  I like the non-denominational spirituality of it.   Death and pain always have a spiritual dimension, but we don’t all share the same religious language; your book gives me a way to talk with anyone about the spiritual questions they may be struggling with.”

Anne Marie Caval,  Huskisson, Australia

Dear Marti,  I have read your book “Pain: The Challenge and the Gift” and I am prompted to truly praise you for such rare heart rendering revelation.  Your book is a Journey of Recovery.  I feel privileged to read your wholesome message. …Every single day I turn a new page of your undying book and discover new wisdom.  I know I am clearing the view from my mind’s vision thanks to you.  This feels like fresh air breezing through a once stale and damp room and your healing light filters through a wounded heart.  …The songs of your poems still ring in my ears.  Blessings and cheers be with you always

Graciella Hernandez

Your book is better than the Bible for me, for people who suffer.  The Bible is too hard to understand and lots of times we need someone else to explain it.  But your book is alive!  It’s like a blood infusion, life-giving.  It’s amazing.  Since reading your book I’m waking up like a plant in spring as I read it.  God put on you the energy to help others.

Jan Henrikson

That dance (in a Facebook video) illustrates the flexibility and flow of your thought and dream journeys which as so enjoyable to read about.  You show us the beauty of playing with Spirit.   

Rev. Alan Taylor, Unity Temple, Oak Park Illinois

I love your blog – some day I will read all those books too!  Other posts have your wonderful and poignant stories that I remember from your book.  I’m so glad you’re sharing.