“Early Spring”


The “I Would Like to Be” Read-Aloud Poems 
four of twenty poems
“Early Spring”


                    The Frog


It would do me good to be a frog


sitting still


and still


and still.






that Life will bring by a fly


or a mosquito,


that what I need to live, Life will offer.


I’ll sit alert


and confident;


I’ll practice trusting


in Whatever created me.


I’ll take time


to feel the warm sunlight,


the softness of water,


to hear the sounds of Life:


the hum of dragonflies,


waves lapping on the shore,


wind rustling through reeds,


a splashing fish.


I’ll sit so quiet and alert


That I won’t miss a single moment


of my beautiful life.


I want to be a frog


learning to be quiet


and alert


and trusting.

          Skunk Cabbage

What fun to be a skunk cabbage!


Smells are one of Life’s delights.


Out in the bog


I could be a big, big leaf


unfolding from the smallest center,


reeking through with greenness,


ever bigger,






Life makes many dainty whispers through the woods;


but bursting through decay,


I’d boldly say that winter’s done!


I’d call to all the hibernating woods:


“Wake up! Wake up, you sleeping ones.


Come alive and feel and smell and play again.”


As a skunk cabbage


I’d chase away the doldrums


and wake the woods from trance.






Oh, I want to be a buttercup! A buttercup! A buttercup!


O warm richness!


O passionate color!


O enthusiasm for Life!


I’ll plant myself by a watery place


and laugh for joy.


I’ll glory in the singing birds,


the humming bees, the busy pesky flies,


the dancing breeze.


And the sun’s salvation,


“Relish in the warmth of sun!”


my shining saffron face will sing.


“And don’t forget enthusiasm, passion.


Dance, swim, listen, sing, love,


feel and sense.


Celebrate like me,”


I’ll laugh, the cheerful buttercup!


                        Jack-In-The Pulpit


It would be an honor to be a jack-in-the-pulpit,


oracle of the woods.


With my tri-leaf behind,


erect, serene,


I’ll wait.


From rich roots


through my straight stem


into my waiting cup


will flow wisdom from the Earth-Mother.


Whoever has the calm to sit before me,


to ask a question,




to them I’ll speak,


and tell the truth.


Truth is solid ground,




Standing straight and quiet I will speak.


Who sits up straight and calm and opens their own cup


will hear my thoughts.


We’ll nod to each respectfully,


and they’ll pass on,


while I will wait


to be again an oracle for Wisdom.



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