Honoring the Dead on All Souls Day

Today, November 2,  is All Souls’ Day, the Catholic equivalent of the Day of the Dead.

   I have a little stool in my bedroom where I place photos, funeral cards, newspaper articles of people I knew who have returned to spirit.  It’s a “Pile”, not neat as it should be, but covered with a beautiful shawl.  Today I took it out and went through “The Pile”, and one by one remembered and thanked each person.  I surprised myself as I began prioritizing them according to how deeply each person has affected me. Occasionally I explained this to the one in spirit.  I realized that quite a few VIP’S were not represented here so I’m gathering a list of these and will find a photo or letter to put appropriately in The Pile.

   A few I did not know personally but they’ve inspired me a lot, e.g. Harriet Tubman, Jacques Lusseyran, Pete Seeger, Helen Keller, John Woolman. Many writers of books have affected me deeply.  Once I saw in the Indy newspaper an article about an Afro American woman writer who lived an inspiring life and had passed to her rewards. I called a writing friend (Gail Mehlan) and we went together to her funeral, as complete strangers, but we felt moved to honor her.  I guess I eat people – they’re food for my soul – when they’re really meaty!

   I know I “should” do this with more care, maybe put all in a scrapbook.  But the river of my life flows on so fast!  This seems the best I can do, and it’s kind of “me.”  I mean – imperfect!  I appreciate all who have helped me be a better person, by their love or example, occasionally by their challenge or mistakes.  Everyone who touches me puts something in the pot for my rich life.

8 Replies to “Honoring the Dead on All Souls Day”

  1. beautiful, just beautiful, thank you for putting into words what I feel as well –

    and for introducing a new, worthwhile spiritual practice! paying homage to our angels at least once a year. M.P.McKenzie


  2. Wendy Dougherty
    Tue, Nov 2

    Dear, Dear Marti,
    I LOVE your writing!
    I, too, have a special place for information about the deceased, only they are clippings of obituaries of people I knew and papers about them that are given out at funerals.
    The place is not formal.
    It’s on top of the beanbag that is behind the recliner in the family room.
    Not very respectful, I know, but that’s the bare truth!

    Keep on writing!


    1. I love it! Imperfect but perfect in spirit


    Wed, Nov 3 at 8:54 AM

    Thank you, Marti. I so enjoy your writing.



  4. Susan Marcinkus
    November 1 at 11:15 PM

    Love your musings, dear Marti…♥


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