Interior Housecleaning

Salty Snippet for February 2021

Hello dear friends!   I’m sitting here looking out my picture window at the snow coming down in “spitters,” as the Scots call small wind-driven flakes, and the little birds are scurrying about to quickly find something to eat.  I’ve written my monthly “Salty Snippets” for my website and decided to share it with some of you others who I remember lovingly.  This month I’m writing on “Interior Housecleaning”, a.k.a healing, which seems to me a good exercise for a month when we just want to lay around on the sofa.  

Interior Housecleaning

    It is my observation that February is a special month with its particular purpose.  You may be noticing (and feeling irritated with yourself) that we feel an inclination to sleep, rest, nap more in February.  Even though the longest nights have passed with December 21st, now is when the couch calls like the siren tempting Ulysses – “Come!  Come to me!”  We have finished the deep Rehm sleep beyond remembrance and soon will awaken with March.  Now we experience the last sleep just before awakening, the sleep with strange images and stories that are easy to remember and seem to ask for our attention.

   This time of rest and laziness can be the perfect opportunity for HEALING.  Here are my suggestions for some valuable interior healing.

  • Whatever you can remember of your dreams, do not judge them, just record every element you can remember.  They are a part of nature and come to us for some reason.  Welcome them and be open to their guidance.  It has been my experience that I’ve dreamt about important events two years before they happened!

 You don’t have to analyze dreams, just allow these dream images into your consciousness as natural guidance and insights from “somewhere.”  Even if they cause you fear, just welcome them as valuable and having purpose.  If you want to understand them, think of what the symbols mean to you personally; ask for further understanding from your subconscious, pay attention to insights that come during the day.

Now the Interior Housecleaning:

  • As you rest, take in deep breathsand hold them; let them fill every corner of your body.  Then release.  You will find memories hiding in your body! Subjects will come up, events, emotions.  When we’ve experienced fear, anger, etc. our bodies contracted and nerves, muscles, and cells recorded these events.  They can eventually cause physical problems if they fester!  Allow wonderful air into every crack possible and then let the air out; with it is going these tensions that are memories.  Do this until you feel lighter in spirit and body.
  • Practice this healthy procedure, particularly good for Americans:

Say to yourself frequently:  I have all the time in the world!  Can you feel how good this is for your heart, stomach, your lungs as they breathe more relaxed?  Can you feel that it’s the opposite of what you’ve been saying?  Your muscles now feel more ready to go then they did when you tried to drive yourself forward.  Say this constantly, as needed….

  • When you’re not resting, take time to allowyour body to move freely.  Move in any way that feels good.  Don’t push.  Just let go!  This is fun, energizing, freeing, awakens imprisoned parts of our bodies.  You might remember movements you’ve done or seen in yoga, dance, swimming, physical therapy, tai chi, etc. Use music if you want. If you’re doing this right, you quickly get to where you want to do it; you don’t have to make yourself do it. Respect your age and abilities but free your body! 
  • The last Interior Housecleaning:  Consciously forgive everyone and Life itself for anything you’ve experienced that felt hurtful to you.  We do this not because the other deserves it, but for our own sake

Here is a wonderful prayer from Theravada Buddhism that helps me:

                    Loving Kindness Meditation

   If anyone has hurt me or harmed me knowingly or unknowingly , in their thoughts, words, or actions, I freely forgive them.

   If I have hurt anyone knowingly or unknowingly in my thoughts, words, or actions, I ask their forgiveness.

May I be happy,

May I be peaceful,

May I be free.

May all those I love be happy,

May all those I love be peaceful,

May all those I love be free.

May all my enemies be happy,

May all my enemies be peaceful,

May all my enemies be free.

May all beings be happy,

May all beings be peaceful,

May all beings be free.

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