Poems for the Very Beginning of Spring, 2022

Skunk Cabbage 

[The very first “flowers” to appear in the woods, in wet places]

What fun to be a skunk cabbage!

Smells are one of Life’s delights.

Out in the bog

I could be a tiny center

unfolding into a huge grand leaf

reeking through with greenness,

  ever richer,

     ever smellier.

Life makes many dainty whispers through the woods.

But bursting through decay,

I’d chase the winter doldrums

  with my sensual call.  I’d shout around

   “Wake up!  Wake up, you sleeping woods.

Come alive again

   and feel and


       and play.

It’s time to start all over once again!

Spring Beauty  

[tiny early white flowers with pink stripes from the middle; esp. found around trees]

Spring Beauty,

most delicate of all spring flowers,

early to appear,

how lovely to be her!

Small and sweet and dear,

my five-petalled face with pink mint stripes

   will smile up like a shy girl-child

      at the awesome world around.

Simple and friendly,

I will open to the sun.

My thin stem will dance with the smallest breeze.

Never alone, I’ll live in a world of gentle friends

   like me,

all of us playing

in the sweet spring sun and wind and rain.

O beauty protected,

O tenderness extreme,

I will speak to all the world

of the great sensitivity

of The Source of all Life.

The First Fly of Spingtime   

  [I have another poem: The last Fly of Summer]

The first fly of springtime,

I welcome you!

My adversary through the heat,

you bode of sunshine now,


     and fun for all.

Right now, my housebound

    winter heart says


We’ve come awake again,

the both of us.


Oh I want to be a buttercup!  A buttercup!  A buttercup!

O warm richness!

O passionate color!

O enthusiasm for Life!

I’ll plant myself by a watery place

  and laugh for joy.

I’ll glory in the singing birds,

the humming bees,

  the pesky flies,

    the tickling breeze.

And the sun’s salvation,

“Relish in the warmth of sun!”

my shining saffron face will sing.

“And don’t forget enthusiasm, passion.

Dance, swim, listen, sing, love,

  feel and sense.

    celebrate like me,”  I’ll laugh,

I, the cheerful buttercup!

2 Replies to “Poems for the Very Beginning of Spring, 2022”

  1. John Jeremiah Edminster
    Thank you for these, Marti!
    I don’t think I’ve smelled skunk cabbage since my childhood in California! How your poem brought the smell back to me!
    And when I see my first fly in 2022, may I welcome it as you did!

    Kevin Sanchez
    Sat, Mar 19,
    Love love love you spring awakening poems, Mom!!!
    Sent from my iPhone

    Pamela Timme

    Thanks Marti! I remember the flower poems and like the new perspective on the fly. Your poems about the new spring flowers make me want to go over to Thatcher Woods and look for some! I’ve never seen a skunk cabbage and would like to see and smell one!


  2. Dan Henkel
    Tue, Mar 22, 10:32 AM (2 days ago)
    to me

    These are wonderful, Marti!

    Thanks for sharing.


    Dan Henkel


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