Snoozing in Sunlight with the Cat

Christmas and my mind is full of shoulds.
“Buy, wrap, mail, clean, cook!
Give, get, thank, visit, “Enjoy”!
Little shoulder-devil mutters
I see the cat stretched long
  on sofa pillows.
Window-sun shines bright and warm
  across his fur:
“Contentment” says the scene.
Pulled magically, I find
  myself stretched out beside the cat.
The winter sun commands me “Rest!”
Caving, heart and breath slow down,
smile floats to surface.
Little sounds and motions other side of glass!
One eye opens cat and I.
Flitter flutter birds and squirrels
trees to feeder, round the ground.
With interest and disinterest,
  we watch the fun;
sink back to deep contentment
in solstice sun,
The cat and I.                    December 21, 2019,  Marti Matthews

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