Spring Poems

Imagine a magical universe in which we never die!  We live forever and whenever we want, we take different forms of our own choosing, in order to learn and grow in whatever ways we want to. 
In such a magical Universe,
Oh, I want to be a buttercup! A buttercup!  A buttercup!
O warm richness!
O passionate color!
O enthusiasm for Life!
I’ll plant myself by a watery place
  and laugh for joy.
I’ll glory in the singing birds,
the humming bees,
  the busy pesky flies,
   the tickling breeze.
And the sun’s salvation,
“Relish in the warmth of sun!”
my shining saffron face will sing.
“And don’t forget enthusiasm, passion.
Dance, swim, listen, sing, love,
    feel and sense.
      Celebrate like me,”  I’ll laugh,
I, the cheerful buttercup!
 I’d be honored to be a jack-in-the-pulpit.
Oracle of the woods.
With my tri-leaf behind,
erect, serene,
I’ll receive searching visitors.
From my rich roots
through my straight stem
into my waiting cup
will flow wisdom from our Mother Earth.
Whoever has the patience to sit before me
and ask a question
to them I’ll speak the truth.
Truth is solid ground,
Standing straight and quiet I’ll speak.
Who sits straight and quiet and opens their own cup
will receive my thoughts.
We’ll nod to each other respectfully,
they’ll pass on,
and I will wait
to be again an oracle for Wisdom.
Spring Beauty,
most delicate of all spring flowers,
early to appear,
how lovely to be her!
Small and sweet and dear,
my white five-petalled face with pink mint stripes
  will smile up like a shy girl-child
     at the awesome world around.
Simple, friendly,
I will open to the sun.
My thin stem will dance with the smallest breeze.
Never alone, I’ll live in a world of gentle friends
   like me,
all of us playing
in the sweet spring sun and wind and rain.
O beauty protected,
O tenderness extreme,
I will speak to all the world
of the great sensitivity
of The Source of All Life. 
I would love to be a white Anemone,
Daughter of the Wind.
Thin and graceful, dancing open,
    never shy.
Taller than my little sisters,
leaves much greener, fuller,
    bigger face,
my sunny yellow center begging to be pollinated:
“I am ready,
I am beautiful!
O come to me now, Life,”
I’ll say with guileless joy.
Free maiden of the forest,
I want to be seen,
not hidden.
I know my beauty,
O tell me how beautiful I am!
Notice me,
   my white loveliness up from the rich green floor.
Notice my readiness,
   my aliveness.
 Love me now in the springtime of my life.

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