The Hug I Didn’t Give

The hug I didn’t give
still waits here in my arms
An old acquaintance,
we’d found a sudden deep connect.
Then time to leave,
I kissed her dear old mother on the cheek
and smiled goodbye across the food.
Off I hurried,
arms bound fast
by some strange hesitation.
Now my arms reach out to her,
O heart-sister,
but miles prevent their satisfaction.
Time stands still
where my body holds the hug in endless wait.

There were hugs I had to give:
my body flinched.
We pulled apart with clay
smiles, I backed
away and turned
to anything else.
Truth betrayed.

Passing in a crowd
a month ago
I saw a treasured face-
I owe this friend so much!
She changed my life.
I threw my arms around her,
kissed her face,
reminding her just who I was.
My joy and gratefulness
still radiate through all my body
  pulsing in and outward.
The hug that I received just yesterday
and gave in equal turn
lifts my cheeks and eyes and heart
My chest feels warm with
instant recognition of
a soul-sister.
That hug never loses power.

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