Tom at Disney

[A travel journal entry from the college years of my son, Tom Dix, who returned to spirit 6 years ago today.  Today = Sept 17, 2015.  For those who knew him:  doesn’t this just sound like Tom?  Can’t you see him out there tromping in the rain, smiling and having fun? ]
Tom wrote:
   We went to DisneyWorld, and it was all very nice – fun, amusing, entertaining.  But the highlight for me was not Mickey Mouse or the Haunted House, it was when it suddenly began to pour and everyone in the park ran for cover.  I chose to get wet, and as a result had free run of the whole park!  I was soaked, but it was so great to choose to enjoy it, and I felt a little bad for all the people standing beneath the shelters, missing out on what was for me a greater thrill than Space Mountain or anything else.
     Also, however, I had a wish within that rain that I did not pursue – to find another enjoying it as much as I.  I encountered a few people out in the rain, and only spoke to one – she was the attendant at Dumbo.  I had a great time, but I wished for a partner.  I didn’t find anyone to ask to be my partner. An untaken risk I’ll never get to try again.  A definite regret.  But still, the highlight of all the vacationing here this week. 
(The underlines are Tom’s)
Here’s one more similar short entry:  10/8   Now I’m blazing a trail back campus and finding that the very thought of being here where few others come is comforting – it’s a feeling of nighttime peace during daylight hours.

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  1. Marti – reading back through your last few posts, I'm so impressed by your testimony of self-acceptance, and by Tom's writing, which you have generously shared. Today, as you may remember, is also my father Tom McMillen's Yahrzeit – 13 years since he "returned to spirit." So I'm especially grateful for your, and Tom Dix's, uplifting words. YES, I definitely can hear him wish for a partner to share alone-ness with (as ironic as that might be, it's also very familiar to me – at least it's how I felt at college age). And it's nice to think of him in the rain at Disneyland…especially after today's rainstorm, which caught me between Walgreen's and my city condo – I was soaked 7 hours ago, but tonight I'm safe and warm. I hope you are, too. With love – Patty


  2. I didn't remember that you lost your dad on the same day! Sept seems to be a month of changes and transitions. I'm glad you, too, can picture Tom doing this; you knew him well. Love to you always – Marti


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