Dear readers,
   I’ve decided to begin posting some contributions from friends, as in “marti and friends explore the universe!”  It seems many friends can’t figure out how to post comments here on the blog so they send comments to me by email.  Here I’ll enclose a touching comment on my story “The Gift” that I posted last February 2013.  I hope you enjoy Dottie’s comment:

Hi Marti,

I wanted to comment on your article on Color.

When I was a little girl , I lived on an Air Force Base with my family in a Ranch House provided by the Military. I had a little Black Boy, who was my friend. I liked to spend time with him especially when I was able to go into his home and play his piano .I loved to sing and compose music on the piano. His father was an Officer and my father was a Chief Master Sargent. Since his father was an Officer, his house was grander than mine.

One day this little boy told his mother that he was going to marry me when we grew up. We saw no difference in each other even though I was white and he was not. We looked at each other as equals even in those days. We were just comfortable with each other.

After this day, when he told his mother he would marry me, I never saw him again. It took me years to understand why. We children did not see Color, but the Adults did.

                                      Dorothy Maram

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