Temptation in the Dance Club

A friend lured me higher up the mountainside.


I said Yes; I can’t resist –

to hear a band from Vera Cruz!

So here I am.

I see

the air is freer here,

the movement light and fast.

First band, I hear

vibration faster than my own.

Can i

will i

set aside my sorrow

and give my whole into this joy

for just tonight?

Watching not yet feeling much

I let their music lightly touch my hair

and move my body

just a bit.

Searching for their rhythm

now I’d tap my feet if I could find the flow.

Rhythm not my own.

But you’re not here!

Or are you,

music lover, dancer,

Are you here?

Can I feel joy without you?

You, my life, my son,

somewhere far away.


The second group of happy music makers –


Harp, guitar, and gentle trumpet-

I feel a stronger pull.

“Get off that stool,” they sing

and so I do.

I stand and let the music move me round.

In awe

I see their speed of fingers, hands, and feet

that catch the unseen pulse –

enthusiasm for our world.

Is that from you?

Does what they catch and carry

come from where you are?

I let your unseen love

lift my heavy heart, I let the music move me

faster higher into pulse of joy.

For moments

I’m alone

and you’re completely gone.

I let myself “forget” you

and you are free,

and I am me.

Just me.


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